T H E  B R U N C H  C L U B 

Introducing The Molly McDonald Edit.

Molly is a wardrobe curator & stylist.


"The Molly Edit shows you how to wear your existing clothes by creating new outfits and cataloging new looks for you. We then help you find the best basic pieces to fill in the gaps of your wardrobe to ensure you are getting the most versatility out of your clothes. The Molly Edit will ensure you have built out a capsule wardrobe that enables you to look effortlessly fashionable each day. 


The Molly Edit also simplifies the way we get dressed every day by organising your wardrobe to perfection. We believe de-cluttering removes barriers to utilising what you have and will ensure you use all of your pieces every day. 


The Molly Edit’s services enable you to be more sustainable as we are normalising re-wearing your clothes, but with greater versatility. "

The Collaboration

Sustainable hair & fashion.

Molly & I will be collaborating to bring you different looks using YOUR hair & wardrobe.  

Thinking sustainably, creating options with what we already own or adding simple necessary pieces to create a strong collection for both fashion & hair. On the day Molly will be dressing up and dressing down various models & I will be teaching you simple hair styling/product education that pair with the looks created. This Brunch is designed to make us realise that the 6 tshirts that haven’t seen daylight in a year CAN still be worn in multiple ways, and no you aren’t useless when it comes to hair, that messy bun on Pinterest you saw – you CAN do it.

The Details

This is an exclusive invitation to Davines clients of Hair By Alicia Jess & followers of The Molly McDonald Edit.

Date : Saturday 1st May, 2021

Time: 9.30am - 11.30am

Location - Hair By Alicia Jess

Cost - $30 p.p


12 spots only,

Group bookings are welcome. 

Join us for a super chic morning filled with mimosas, light treats, look & learn fashion & hair.

Alicia & Molly 



Thankyou for your RSVP request. We will be in contact to confirm your spot!